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54mm Star Wars Figures in Hard Plastic

Here's a recent find in an obscure little toy shop -- 54mm hard plastic Star Wars figures! I managed to get 7 different figures in a hard, tan plastic. The sculpting is acceptable and the figures are free from mold lines. They are, however, studded with 2 or 3 plugs and mold holes. These can be easily cut from the figure and filled in with putty but I'm leaving them on until I decide to paint them. From top to bottom, left to right the figures are:

Han Solo in Hoth gear; X-Wing pilot Luke Skywalker; Leia in Hoth gear;
Bounty Hunters Dengar and Bossk the Trandoshan; 5D6-RA7 Imperial Espionage Droid; 21B Medical Droid

A closer look at each figure next time:)


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Star Wars 3D Chess Set

I got this wonderful Star Wars chess set as a gift last Christmas. Its a huge set, being a bit bigger than my usual wood, traditional chess sets.

The box top opens to reveal the figures mounted in a pvc shell with the board and an owner's manual behind. The set is distributed by United Labels Comicware based out in Spain but does not specify which country the components were manufactured in. Funny though that the box art features Republic Clone Troopers rather than the Imperial Stormtroopers. Call me stuck up but it gets me the same way when some people don't differentiate between Republican Roman Legions and Imperial Roman Legions. Ah, Gods of Geekery!

Anyway, the set features the Galactic Empire versus the Rebel Alliance with The heroes and villains acting as the playing pieces.  Unboxing the content, you'll find the following game contents:

Black (Galactic Empire)
Emperor Palpatine (King)Darth Vader (Queen) Imperial Stormtrooper (Bishop)Imperial Royal Guard (Knight)Boba …

4D Puzzle Mystery Dragon

Here be another dragon!
A friend recently gave me this dragon to add to my collection. It’s a multipart toy dubbed as a 4D Puzzle and manufactured by a Hong Kong based company called Fame Master.  More of a puzzle than a scale model kit, the dragon came in 26 parts inside an egg much like the Megabloks Dragons. The pieces are made from a sturdy plastic and came prepainted. All the parts snapped fit into each other quite well and I had a dragon model just a few minutes after opening the egg.

And what a model it is! First of all, the sculpt is pretty amazing with loads of deep detail work. The texture of the skin looks really scaly and – dare I say it – pretty much what a self-respecting dragon would wear to maiden raids. The rough hide is contrasted well by the differently textured underbelly and the smooth wing membranes. The head features a set of frills that I normally do not prefer but the design makes it work. 

More important though are the paint apps.  This model is proof posi…

True Heroes Navy Seal Boat Part 1

I found this True Heroes Navy Seal boat at the local Toys R Us and couldn't resist from buying it right then and there. The set features a 1:18 heavy combat boat, 3 True Heroes soldiers with equipment and a diver propulsion vehicle (DPV, also known as an underwater propulsion vehicle or underwater scooter) Produced by Hong Kong toy company Chap Mei Ltd. for Toys R Us, the True Heroes line feature similar figures from their previous military line Soldier Force. The boat is a joy to behold, chockful of details and accessories!

At the bow is a twin minigun that pops up with a press of a button to reveal rockets/torpedoes. At the cabin, a commander's hatch is fixed to a rotating headlight. At the stern, the boat is fitted with a removable accessory containing sirens, etc and a large motor torpedo boat armament featuring 4 barrels. The DPV can be attached to one side.

More pics and info soon!